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                      Sweet Chestnuts

Our 2016 harvest of Italian Marroni was completed October 15th with our orchard setting a new production record.  We sent out our annual email notice in early October and the order response was tremendous.  While we are sold out of the Extra Large and Large sizes for this year, we still have a few more days left before we sell out of our Medium size.  Please visit our order page today.

Most of your sales continue to be made to long-time customers with many having made multiple orders already this year.  If you are new to visiting our site we hope you'll give our unique Italian Marroni chestnuts a try.

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Do you wonder what our customers think about our marroni chestnuts?  Please check out feedback from our customers from prior years at this page.


Join our mailing list today!  We'll send one or two e-mails a year to notify you as our chestnut selections become available.

We now have a photo gallery - please take a virtual tour of our chestnut orchard by clicking on the Photo Gallery button to the left.  We have included a video of our orchard taken during harvest.

Many long-time customers have ordered been placing four or more chestnut orders a year for the past several years.  Won't you please join our "family" of customers?

Read an expert opinion!  The food magazine, Eating Well, published an article in 2007 calling us "Our Favorite Chestnut Grower!"  You may read the article by clicking HERE. The October 2005 edition of Sunset magazine suggested purchasing chestnuts directly from the grower to get the best quality and we agree! By buying your chestnuts directly from the grower, you're getting the freshest chestnuts possible. Our chestnuts have also been written about in articles in the Los Angeles Times, and several other publications.

Please check out the testimonials from other customers who have been very pleased with the quality of our chestnuts. The quality of our chestnuts and detail to customer service are the primary reasons our customers keep coming back. Each year many customers have placed four or more orders, with many buying more than 50 pounds each!  We also have chestnut roasting equipment available year-round.

Our fresh chestnuts are sweet and are enjoyed by everyone whether they prefer to prepare them by roasting, boiling, or including them in their favorite recipe.  Some customers also enjoy eating our chestnuts raw.  If you are concerned that you don't quite know how to cook chestnuts, don't worry because we include storage, preparation, and roasting instructions with all new orders.  Our chestnuts are among the largest available anywhere and are favored over those found elsewhere by our established customers.  Although hand harvesting requires extra work, we believe this helps maintain top quality.  Our chestnuts are washed, sorted, and refrigerated immediately after harvest to ensure freshness for several months after harvest. Buying directly from us, the grower, ensures you get the freshest chestnuts possible.

In 2005 we first offered a limited quantity of Italian Marroni varieties grown on our family chestnut farm.  They have continued to be an extremely popular item and, because of customer demand, in 2007 we began the process of grafting more of our trees to these varieties and hope to have a large supply of the Marroni by 2009.  In February 2009 we also planted another 200 trees and grafted these to Marroni varieties so our production should increase substantially over the next five years.  In 2007 we began growing a second orchard of chestnuts, however, and are still supplying the Colossal variety.

We also offer chestnut roasting pans, and chestnut knives to help you enjoy your chestnut purchase.  If you're shopping for a gift, we now also offer a gift basket option as well.  Please click on the "Ordering" button to the left for details of our chestnuts and related products.  Please check out our other pages for chestnut recipes, roasting instructions, and other helpful information.  If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to today.

Thanks for visiting!

Harvey, Linda, and Michael Correia


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