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Chestnuts are unlike other "nuts" in that they have a high moisture content and are low in fat.  Therefore, it is important to store chestnuts in refrigeration until a few days before you intend to enjoy them.

We have found that a majority of grocery stores do not properly refrigerate chestnuts or do not refrigerate them at all!  As a result, chestnuts purchased from a store are often spoiled or dried out.  The industry is attempting to educate retailers but this has been a slow process.  To ensure the chestnuts you purchase are of the highest quality, we suggest that you make your chestnut purchase directly from us, the grower, so that we can rush them directly to you from our refrigerated storage.

Chestnuts are enjoyed by most consumers by either roasting them or boiling them.  You may roast on a barbeque, over a fire in special pans with holes, or in the oven.  Preferences usually seem to depend on ethnic background, although it is also affected by the recipe being prepared as well as the variety of chestnut being cooked.  We include storage and roasting instructions with each order.

There are literally hundreds of chestnut recipes available.  Rather than attempt to list dozens of them here, we suggest that you visit the collection of recipes at  Click HERE to open another window and review these recipes.