American Grown Fresh Chestnuts From Our Family Farm to You

"American Grown Fresh Chestnuts From Our Family Farm to You"

Sorry, but we are sold out until September 2016.  This year's crop was a bit lighter this year and the pace of sales was much faster than ever before, resulting in us selling our early this year.  We sold out in 25 days this year compared to 59 days in 2014, making for a busy season!

Do you have questions about how long your can store your chestnuts?  Please read here.

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Italian Marroni Chestnuts

Italian Marroni, We are the only online source for these fine chestnuts which have become immensely popular with our customers since being introduced in 2005.  Flavor and texture of the three sizes offered are the same.  Roasting of Medium size is faster while Large and Extra Large sizes involves less peeling to achieve the same net weight of kernels for enjoyment.  Note: For the past few years we've sold our marroni sorted into the Medium and a "Large+" size.  This year we are sorting further to sort out the largest chestnuts into the "Extra Large" category to provide a more uniform product size.

Medium Size - 1.125 to 1.25 inches in diameter, averaging 34 nuts per pound.  $5.75 per pound Sold out until 2016.

Large Size - 1.25 to 1.375 inches in diameter, averaging 24 nuts per pound.  $7.00 per pound  Sold out until 2016.

Extra Large Size - 1.375 or more inches in diameter, averaging 19 nuts per pound.  $7.75 per pound  Sold out until 2016.



Chestnut Knife - used to prepare chestnuts for roasting and to aid in peeling

Chestnut Knife - with hardwood handle, made in the USA!
Very useful tool that is highly recommended!


Chestnut knife purchased alone -
$15.00 including shipping


Chestnut Roasting Pan - 2 sizes to choose from

Roasting Pan - A traditional pan used for roasting over a gas burner or open fire.  Made of carbon steel.  10.75" diameter with a handle lengths of 8" (26" version discontinued).  Allows for observation of roasting progress.  Imported. Out of Stock



Greeting card  - A greeting card option for those purchasing chestnuts as a gift for someone special.  The greeting card includes our logo with the announcement of the gift and can include custom text which you may send to us when you begin the checkout process. Sorry, not available this year

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Unless prior arrangements have been made, orders are shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail (except chestnut knives purchased alone which are shipped via USPS First Class). We have found this to be the most economical means to ship your chestnuts to you in a timely manner. With the USPS Flat Rate program we are able to ship up to 10 pounds of chestnuts anywhere in the United States for $11.30. We also use "Large Flat Rate" boxes which can accommodate an order of 18 pounds at a shipping cost of $15.80. Note: For orders over 36 pounds, please e-mail for an accurate quote of shipping costs.

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