American Grown Fresh Chestnuts From Our Family Farm to You

"American Grown Fresh Chestnuts From Our Family Farm to You"

The harvest of our 2017 crop started on September 25th and is progressing well.  Chestnuts will continue to be harvested daily for most of the month of October.  Please place your order below.  Sorry, but we do not take pre-orders or reservations and orders are shipped in the order received.

We shipped our the first Marroni orders on Tuesday, October 3rd.  We are focusing most of our efforts on harvest work in order to get chestnuts harvested and refrigerated quickly for top quality.  We will strive to ship orders received by 10pm the following shipping day, though if we have more than 100 orders in a day your order may take an extra day to ship.  You will receive an email with a tracking number once we prepare the shipping label for your package of chestnuts.  We ship on weekdays except for Thursdays.  If the delivery address appears to be a business address, we will try to time shipments to avoid delivery on a Saturday.

Please note that all orders are subject to inventory availability.  If we happen to run out before we can get our web site updated, we will be unable to fill your order.

Also, please note that some weight loss will occur in transit as we pack the chestnuts in mesh bags and add ventilation holes to the boxes so that condensation can escape.  This reduces the risk of any mold and we have used this method successfully for over 10 years.  This weight loss may range from 1-5%, depending on order size as well as temperature and humidity in transit.  This should be no cause for concern as this is part of the "curing" process that you will need to continue prior to roasting (see instructions with your order for details).  If soaked in water overnight your chestnuts will regain the weight lost (and probably more) but then the curing period will be increased.





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Italian Marroni, We are the only online source for these fine chestnuts which have become immensely popular with our customers since being introduced in 2005.  Flavor and texture of the three sizes offered are the same.  Roasting of the Medium size is faster while Large and Extra Large sizes involve less peeling to achieve the same net weight of kernels for enjoyment.  Note: For a few years, up through 2014, we sold our marroni sorted into the Medium and a "Large+" size.  Beginning in 2015 we started sorting further to sort out the largest chestnuts into the "Extra Large" category to provide a more uniform product size.  Each and every chestnut passes over up to three dozen holes in our sorter to accurately sort our chestnuts in the sizes indicated below.

Medium Size - 1.125 to 1.25 inches in diameter, averaging 34 nuts per pound.  $6.00 per pound

Large Size - 1.25 to 1.375 inches in diameter, averaging 24 nuts per pound.  $7.00 per pound

Extra Large Size - 1.375 or more inches in diameter, averaging 19 nuts per pound.  $7.75 per pound  SORRY, SOLD OUT despite record harvest of this size.

 Minimum Order - 5 pounds per size

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Online orders will be processed through a third party secure site where you can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card as well as bank account transfers.  You may adjust quantities when you get to the shopping cart page or return to this ordering page to add other items.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, orders are shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. We have found this to be the most economical means to ship your chestnuts to you in a timely manner. With the USPS Flat Rate program we are able to ship up to 10 pounds of chestnuts anywhere in the United States for $13.60. We also use "Large Flat Rate" boxes which can accommodate an order of 18 pounds at a shipping cost of $18.85. Note: For orders over 36 pounds, please e-mail for an accurate quote of shipping costs.

Mail Orders - We recognize that some customers do not wish to make payments online. We suggest that you go ahead and create your shopping cart and print it out. You may then mail it along with your check and we'll ship out your order when we receive payment. However, please send us an e-mail to let us know that your order is coming so that we may reserve your purchased items for you.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at .  Once harvest is complete, we will also be able to take phone calls but ask that you use e-mails to communicate in the meantime.

Secure Shopping: Our shopping cart is provided by using the secure servers of Aitsafe is the owner of a current and valid Thawte Certificate,  providing customers with the highest level of assurance of secure transmission of information..