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We take pride in our chestnuts with hand-harvesting and careful storage being obvious in the final product.  Of course we're biased, so we thought we'd share comments from some of our customers:

From a multiple-time buyer who wrote in November 2013:  "This is our 4th or 5th shipment this season. Our older generation italian family members believe these are better then any italian chestnut they have ever eaten! Keep harvesting and thank you for your diligence in growing the very best chestnuts!" Mickey D, Pennsylvania

From a first-time customer in November 2013: "My husband and I took a trip to Paris years ago and it was the first time that we had ever had roasted chestnuts. It was from a street vendor near the Eiffel Tower in an old fashioned roaster. After we each had our first taste, we just stared at one another as if we both were saying "Have you ever tasted anything better in your life?" Since then, I have made it a tradition that every year I buy chestnuts and roast them. I look so forward to it and I nearly eat the entire order myself. Harvey, all of these years, it just wasn't the same as what we had in Paris. The chestnuts were small, half of them wouldn't crack to open, and getting the nut out without if falling into little tiny pieces was often the problem. However, I just thought that was the best I could get. HARVEY, YOU KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly, never in my life have I tasted anything better. Paris' chestnuts can't compare to yours. They were gorgeous. They were huge, every single one of them split perfectly, easy to get the entire nut out and the flavor, OH the flavor was over the top. Thank you so much for the most enjoyable evenings with your chestnuts. I am going to see if I am too late to order another several pounds. I will be a customer of yours forever and telling all of my friends." Lisa S., Florida

From an October 2010 buyer of our Italian Marroni chestnuts: "Our family visited us this weekend and we cooked the chestnuts yesterday, they were the best chestnuts we have ever had.  Everyone enjoyed them and wanted more"  Tom M., California

From another October 2010 buyer of our Italian Marroni chestnuts:  "I ordered some marroni and I want to tell you they were the best I have seen, even those from my home town in northern Italy." Lou Z., Illinois

From a buyer who bought our Italian Marroni as a birthday gift for her father: "my dad (who grew up on a farm in Italy ) said they were the best chestnuts he has ever had, not one bad one!! Thank you for such great service, we will be back!! M.V., New Jersey

"I received my order today - have been eating chestnuts for almost 60 years - and without a doubt, your nuts are the best 
I have ever seen - I ate one "Lord" - fresh - good!  Thank you for the promptness and the quality of your product.  Happy 
Thanksgiving!"  C.N., California

"Just a note to let you know I received my chestnuts yesterday, October 22nd, in perfect condition.  In fact they are the most perfect-looking chestnuts I have ever seen!" - C.K., Mississippi.

"After twenty years in inside sales (AKA hardcore customer service) that came on the heels of 4 years in the military, you can probably imagine I feel very strongly about attention to detail and personal service. It nearly brings a tear to my eye whenever I run into genuine customer service of this caliber:  It's great to see the re-emergence of these qualities!" - J.S., New Hampshire

Of course, what counts the most is what you think of our chestnuts.  Please give them a try and share your comments with us.